Memobottle A5


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memobottle™ is an Aussie invention first seen on Kickstarter. It a premium quality, lightweight, slimline water bottle designed to stylishly fit in all those places that putting a round bottle can be difficult.

The A5 size has been perfectly crafted to clutch while carrying folders, books or an iPad on the go. It slides effortlessly in to small flat gaps where round bottles are hard to manage. They are easy to drink from, easy to hold, easy to fill too.

When it comes time to clean, use hot soapy water. You can also use a mixture of white vinegar / bi-carb and some raw rice and give it a shake as an ingenious 'scrubbing brush' if the bottle becomes too dirty over time. With regular washing and just using water, this shouldnt' be necessary.

There is no plastic in the packaging of the product and the bottles come with a white and a black lid (not clear as some photos will depict)


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