Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Teal 2' Tin


Teal | Electric Thinking Putty 2" tin by Crazy Aarons

Although most people associate the color teal with the peacock, this shade is actually named after the signature blue-green streak in the otherwise brown coat of the Eurasian teal.

So whether you love to be the center of attention or you're a wallflower with a wild streak, this beautiful blue Thinking Putty® is a perfect choice.

Color: Teal Blue
Features: Tearable, Stretchable, Bounceable, Soft Texture
Materials: Non-toxic silicone
Each tin includes 1/5 lb (3.2 oz) of Genuine Crazy Aaron’s® Thinking Putty
Manufactured with the help of exceptional individuals challenged with disabilities
Tons of fun for ages 3+
Never dries out!
Proudly made in the USA  

Never dries out

Ages 3 years and up

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